Manga artist 六花チヨ Rokuhana Chiyoh (@ROkUHANA00) lives with her beloved cat, Rokuhana Ailou Nunnun (or Nunnun for short).

On August 25th, 2022, Rokuhana's son, a college student who lives far away, came to visit.

Normally, her son lives in a boarding house at the university, so she doesn't see him very often. This time, he came back home to help with the rice harvesting.

"My son came home for the rice harvest!
...So, he loves this cat, and here she is waiting for the door to my son's room to open... Let her in!"

Nunnun-chan, who loves Rokuhana-san's son, was overjoyed to see him again!

During his short stay while he was helping with the harvest, she would wait for him whenever he was in his room, showing her patience and affection.

Finally, the day came for Rokuhana's son to go back to his boarding house.

On August 31st, after the rice harvest was successfully completed, it was time to say goodbye.

As a parent, Rokuhana was sad to see her son go away again. It seems that Nunnun-chan felt the same way...

Reproduced with permission from 六花チヨ Rokuhana Chiyoh (@ROkUHANA00)

Poor Nunnun probably doesn't realize that Rokuhana's son has gone back to his boarding house.

It looks like she's wondering: "He's late today... Isn't he coming home yet?"

Rokuhana observed Nunnun from afar and felt sad. To her surprise, the faithful feline continued to wait at the same place even after nightfall.

"Nighttime...Still waiting...
Ugh... Let's watch the Birdman Contest on TV together, Nunnun..."

Not the first time...

This isn't the first time that Nunnun has behaved like this, waiting for a long time for her son to come back. Rokuhana posted a similar story three years ago in a Tweet that went viral:

She must be very fond of him....

There's a Japanese saying, "Dogs are attached to people, cats are attached to houses," but seeing Nunnun makes you want to question that wisdom.

Once again, the sight of Nunnun-chan and her wholesome relationship with Rokuhana's son pulled many heartstrings online, eliciting comments such as: "I cried when I saw her like that" and "Posts like these are just unfair... Why do you have to make me cry like this..."

Nunnun-chan regained some of her good spirits the next day, but Rokuhana still sometimes finds her in her son's room.

The next time Rokuhana's son comes home, he'll surely have many happy memories to make up for all the patience Nunnun-chan showed when he left!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.