For many people, it's impossible to resist the urge to sleep when it strikes.

You may repeat to yourself, "I have to stay awake!" but then you find yourself falling asleep.

This happens not only to humans but their pets as well.

For example, it happened to Lupi, a Weimaraner in Japan.

"He's never once beaten the Sandman, but he keeps fighting in vain."

Such was the caption on the video posted by his human caretaker who owns Twitter account ルピロア?ワイマラナー Lupi Loa Weimaraner (@lupiloa_weim).

Lupi nods his head and his eyes open and close. You can really tell that Lupi was struggling to stay awake...

But finally, he must have reached his limit because his head falls backward as gravity takes over.

He fell asleep without moving a muscle...!

The sight of the sleepy dog valiantly fighting the Sandman but hilariously losing in the end elicited comments such as:

  • "That's me on the train!"
  • "I laughed so hard at the end."
  • "K.O.! The winner, Sandman!"

If you've ever been on a train in Japan in the early morning or late evening hours, you've probably seen tired office workers collapsed on their seats, looking just like Lupi in this video...

Maybe one day, Lupi will gain the upper hand in his battle against the Sandman. Barnabas could teach him a few tricks...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.