Kokeshi are traditional handcrafted wooden dolls. While they have come in many designs over their roughly 150 years of existence, they are most notable for have long bodies that feature no arms or legs, and because of that a head that appears disproportionately big.

So saying a cat looks like a kokeshi may seem like an odd comparison to make, but Japanese Twitter user @shake_1121's munchkin cat Shake definitely fits the bill.

When Shake became overdue for a visit to the bath, @shake_1121 noticed that the rinse had quite the transformative effect on the tiny Munchkin. @shake_1121 shared a photo of Shake, saying that the cat had "graduated from being a cat, and turned into a kokeshi."

Shake certainly looks the part!

Source: @shake_1121

As all cats do, Shake's fluffy exterior shrunk dramatically in the bath, but while being stretched out for a good rinsing, appears to have turned into the spitting image of a kokeshi! The photo caused quite a viral laugh on Twitter, with many commenting on their shock at the huge change in appearance as well praising Shake for being well-behaved in the bath.

Rest assured, when not in the bath, Shake is actually a cat and not a wooden doll:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.