Japanese Twitter user @gomamizawa3's pet chinchilla Gomamizawa-chan is quite the adorable furry little critter, and it doesn't take a long look at their timeline to figure out her favorite snack. Gomamizawa-chan is absolutely in love with dried papayas.

However, that actually makes snack time for Gomamizawa-chan much more difficult than you imagine. Recently, @gomamizawa3 posted a video that shows the adorable conflict that sometimes arises when it's papaya time.

"The owner who wants to give their chinchilla papaya vs. the chinchilla who thinks they're trying to take their papaya."

Gomamizawa-chan is so enamored with her treasure chest of papaya, that she won't even allow her human companion to open up the jar to feed her. Instead she hilariously pushes, grabs, and hoards with a defensive presence that makes her look like the Giannis Antetokounmpo of the chinchilla kingdom.

It does appear that she does eventually allow for feeding time to proceed--although she still won't tolerate anyone getting within prying distance of her papaya!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.