For vocaloid fans, there might be no more recognizable image than virtual diva phenomenon Hatsune Miku. The iconic vocaloid queen has a look that really stands out, styling with some signature bright blue hair.

So if you were to somehow pass by her in real life, you'd definitely notice. Twitter user Makkoi (@makkoi_official) thought for a moment they had done just that, as strange as it sounds. Makkoi shared a now viral image of some scenery that made them think the famous vocaloid had stepped out of the virtual world and into the real one.

"For a moment, it looked just like Hatsune Miku."

Makkoi's photo shows a white utility box on the side of a building, topped with a tangled blue hose. The combination of color and placement of the hose looks like the spitting image of Hatsune Miku's distinct anime twin tails. Although a joke, the photo was celebrated by fans of the famous vocaloid, with many leaving comments like "she's disguised herself as a hose" and "may the hose be with you." Perhaps Hatsune Miku has figured out how to cross over worlds after all.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.