Part of the charm behind the seemingly unending popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to customize your daily routine and island to your liking. For Japanese illustrator Redmond (@Redmond_MMM), that includes keeping one of the coolest sketchbook and homemade guide of gaming notes we've seen!

Redmond has been chronicling their Animal Crossing adventure with amazing illustrations and detailed notes of their animal and fauna findings that make the guide look as if its been left behind by an actual explorer or treasure hunter.

Source: @Redmond_MMM

Redmond recently shared a glimpse of the detailed guide on Twitter, calling it "The notebook of someone who enjoys Animal Crossing with everything they have." The description is certainly fitting--the notes contain a log of islands visited and assigned names due to their predominant features, including "three layer island", "normal island", "giant water bug island", and "spiral island."

Source: @Redmond_MMM

Sketches of flora, fauna, shells, and minerals spare no detail either!

Source: @Redmond_MMM

The artwork and level of dedication has wowed many on Twitter. Maybe if discovered in the future by someone with no concept of Animal Crossing, it could be thought to be the real deal. While only a few pages have been posted, you can only expect the rest to contain more awesome nuggets.

You can follow Redmond on Twitter for more great illustrations and hopefully updates.

By - Big Neko.