Parents often stay involved in their children's lives once they're adults because they worry about their future.

If they are unmarried, it's not uncommon for them to ask, "Have you found someone special?" or say things like "You should get married."

Twitter user and traditional Japanese armor cosplayer and enthusiast 左近大夫⭐︎浜次郎/左近少将★今若 Sakon-no-Taifu⭐︎Hamajirō/Sakon no Shōshō★Imawaka (@sakone_shogen)—hereunder referred to as Hamajirō—recently got an earful from his parents about this.

Hamajirō's parents told him そろそろ身を固めろ sorosoro mi wo katamero, which could be interpreted in this context as: "It's about time you settled down."

His reaction was to gear up in full samurai armor, as you can see below:

In modern times, the idiom 身を固める mi wo katameru, which literally means "harden up" is usually interpreted as getting married and starting a family or getting a full-time job. However, in the days of yore, it could also mean hardening up quite literally by putting on a suit of armor. Hamajirō clearly chose the more archaic interpretation of the idiom, doing what he knows best with his hobby.

Hamajirō is wearing mid-Edo period armor.

Although the metal rings are missing and the waist strap cannot be tightened, the size of the armor fits him perfectly, as if it had been made just for him. Although it looks heavy, it's apparently comfortable enough to run around in.

Reproduced with permission from 左近大夫⭐︎浜次郎/左近少将★今若 Sakon-no-Taifu⭐︎Hamajirō/Sakon no Shōshō★Imawaka (@sakone_shogen)

Since he put it on just temporarily for the photo, he is wearing contemporary clothes under his armor. If you look at his legs from behind, you can see this more clearly.

Reproduced with permission from 左近大夫⭐︎浜次郎/左近少将★今若 Sakon-no-Taifu⭐︎Hamajirō/Sakon no Shōshō★Imawaka (@sakone_shogen)

Many people were blown away by his tactic of silencing his parents with an ironic interpretation of a common idiom.

His post elicited many comments, some of them equally ironic in nature. For example:

  • "Filial piety is wonderful!"
  • "This is a true samurai. Now it's time to go into battle."
  • "Looks like he's got good defenses! I'm waiting to see what you can do!"
  • "His parents would be crying for joy... if they lived in the Sengoku Period (1467-1615)."

Indeed, reviewing our defenses is probably good advice because we live in a time when anything can happen at any time...

Parents usually want their children to live happy lives. Whether Hamajirō decides to settle down or not, one thing seems clear enough: he's enjoying his life and has a healthy sense of humor!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.