You may be familiar with Australian cosplayer, model, wrestler, and singer Ladybeard for his work as one half of musclebound idol unit and pro-wrestling tag team Deadlift Lolita. Along with with his partner, "muscle idol" Reika Saiki (who used her big guns to prepare a fitness-friendly breakfast in a spoof UzaMaid anime opening), the unit has been impressing around the world with their performances and cosplay, including the thickest and leggiest Chun-Li cosplay we've ever seen.

Ladybeard's most recent cosplay effort, however, is in becoming the subject of what's just become DC's highest-grossing DC film ever in Aquaman. The buff idol admitted in a Tweet that this is his first cosplay with pants on.

Perhaps not Jason Momoa, but if there's ever an idol-themed spinoff of Aquaman, auditions may not need to be held. You can follow Ladybeard on Twitter and Instagram, as well as Deadlift Lolita and Reika Saiki. Check out the rest below!

By - Big Neko.