For fans of Eichiro Oda's hit anime and manga One Piece, there are few more iconic scenes than Shanks entrusting his straw hat to Luffy. So the life-sized statue of the redheaded Emperor of the Sea at Shibuya's One Piece Mugiwara store that allows you to recreate the scene is a must for fans in Japan.

So when AKIHITO (@AkihitoAll), a member of "muscular performance group" ALL OUT (ALLOUT_smile)--who is no stranger to interesting photo opportunities--came across the statue, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a commemorative shot.

However, the fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder did so the only way they could--with a bit of a muscle twist.

Source: @AkihitoAll

The statue is intended mostly for kids, but that didn't stop AKIHITO from squeezing in to recreate the famous scene--only he did so by crouching in by flexing with a squat! As AKIHITO says, it almost looks like he's using Shanks as a weight to squat with. The creative take on the classic scene had many One Piece fans on Twitter in stitches, and is a good reminder to seek out the statue!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.