The latest work from Maki Miyoshi, known for the romantic shōjo manga series, My Boy in Blue (PとJK P to JK / lit. "the policeman and the high school girl") was released in a new digital format on Kodansha's manga app COMIC Days on June 26th.

My Boy in Blue, serialized by Kodansha, has as protagonists a first-year JK (short for joshi kōsei 女子高生, which translates as "high school girl"), Kako Motoya, and a policeman, Kota Sagano. They fall in love with each other, and the story follows their marriage and the troubles that follow. The series was so popular that it even got adapted to a live-action film featuring Tsuchiya Tao in the role of Kako and Kamenashi Kazuya as Sagano.

The author’s latest work, first published in Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend 別冊フレンド magazine (March issue, Feb. 13th, 2021), is called Night time for just the two of us (夜の下で待ち合わせ yoru no shita de machiawase, lit. "rendezvous at night").

This time, our hero comes from a different world!

In the image above you can see our protagonists: Nikaidō (left) and Koga-kun (right).

They have both been to the same school but are not particularly close to each other. While Koga-kun seems to be the popular character and the best-looking one from the class, Nikaidō, on the other hand, doesn’t have any friends. Her classmates don't seem to notice her, and everyone around doesn’t even remember her name (calling her different names like Ichinose or Ijūin-san).

According to the summary provided on COMIC Days, we can also find out that Koga-kun will get possessed by an alien. Our female protagonist will bump into him while she is outside, watching a video by herself, and discover that the Koga she knew has a big secret.

The alien that possesses him mentions that Koga is human and that he just took his body for a while. He also wants to become friends with Nikaidō, and she eventually gives him a nickname because she is having a hard time pronouncing his real name.

The series is available to read in Japanese on コミックDAYS (Comic DAYS), and you can currently enjoy the first chapter there for free. The manga gets updated every week, on Saturday, so don’t miss it out. (The app is targeted at the domestic Japanese market)

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