With the recent passing of Typhoon Nanmadol, some bouts of colder weather have arisen in amidst the extended heat and humidity of the summer and early fall in Japan. In consideration for those on a recent chilly day, Twitter user Rui (@ruuiruiruirui) decided to offer up some "cream bread" to warm up those around the country feeling a bit cold.

Cream pan, or cream bread, is a Japanese bakery favorite. Small buns filled with whole custard cream, it's hard to imagine them not bringing a smile to a sweets fan's face.

Rui's batch of cream bread has been spreading smiles on Twitter for a different reason, however. While they certainly have the same fluffy look as the popular custard filled buns, there's something else quite appealing about them.

Source: @ruuiruiruirui

Source: @ruuiruiruirui

"It's a cold day today so I'm sending you some cream bread to warm you up."

The cream buns are actually the puffy feet of her cat! While no, her cat's paws are no actually filled with custard, the shape of cat's paws (particularly shorter felines like munchkins) are often compared to cream bread in Japan. If you compare the above photo of the cream buns to Rui's cat's paws, you can see why that comparison is made so much--the fluff and lines between each toe look remarkable like the pattern found on cream bread.

They may not be edible, but Rui's special cream bread definitely provided some warmth on a cold day!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.