Source: @lgm_

Dirt-loving shiba inu has clever way to beat the heat

Kawadokoyuki (@lgm_) recentely tweeted a photo that has been receiving a lot of attention on the internet world.

The dog you see in the photo is Ms. Komugi, a female Shiba innu that loves going for walks.

One day, when Ms.Komugi was out in the yard, Kawadokoyuki passed by. She noticed the dog in the corner of the front yard but….

Her body is half-buried in the dirt?!

Source: @lgm_

It looks like Ms.Komugi decided to dig a hole in the corner of the yard to sit in.

By the way, according to Komugi’s owner, since Komugi chooses shaded corners during sundown, and has never shown any signs of heatstroke like panting or having her tongue out while she’s out in her “spot”, it is safe to say that there is no risk for heatstroke while she’s enjoying her relaxing time!

The owner also says, “It must be because it feels nice and cool in the ground, Komugi dug a hole and was sitting in it.”

Many people also commented on the photos:

-That looked so funny, it made me laugh.

-My dog does the same!

-I can only imagine that it’s just at the right temperature that keeps her nice and cool!

From Ms. Komugi’s face, you can tell she is just content and enjoying herself sitting in a hole in the cool dirt. It’s also seemingly very common dog behavior for owners to encounter, too.

By - Mugi.