Japan is often praised for a number of small but impactful infrastructural conveniences, many of which are so common they are taken for granted. Every once in a while, however, something so surprisingly practical but regional comes around that people around the country begin to clamor having it everywhere--like Tokyo's self-flushing doggy pee poles.

Twitter user Nue (@yosinotennin) recently discovered one such convenience in a restroom that has mothers of young children hoping to see it pop up more around the country. What has Nue and other mothers so impressed is the location of a door lock and baby chair found at the restroom of a highway service area rest stop:

Source: @yosinotennin

Source: @yosinotennin

"When I was using the restroom at an expressway service area, the lock to the room was located quite high and far away from the baby chair. I recalled hearing stories about how babies would fidget with and unlock the door, when the chair is located in the normal position. With this, a lot of mothers can have some peace of mind."

The post was met in the replies with a lot of praise and hope from parents online that such restroom set ups for baby chairs would become common throughout the whole country, with many sharing their own stories of having to be worried about their own baby fiddling with a lock that is in reach:

"I feel that this reflects the voices of parents all over the country. I hope it will spread more and more."

"I want to "Like" this idea a hundred times!"

"This is so obvious is should be installed throughout the whole country!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.