Whether it be due to his work on Fire Emblem, Pokémon GO, or any other title on his impressive resume, Japanese manga artist and character designer Yusuke Kozaki (@kymg) probably hasn't encountered too many images that perplex him. Leave it to a cat, however, to change our assumption on that!

As most cat lovers know, kitties have a habit of sitting in some very interesting positions (sometimes ones that make you wonder if cats are actually liquid)--the most common of which is tucking their arms and legs under them as they sit flatly on the floor. Recently, Kozaki was shocked to come across his 5-month-old kitten, Domino, who was sitting in that very pose in a way that mystified him and now seems to be virally making many on Twitter do a double and triple take:

Source: @kymg

"Are you buried up to your shoulders?"

Naturally, this would be a pretty jarring sight to stumble across in your home, and had both Kozaki and Twitter trying to figure out just what was going on. The odd pose makes it appear as if Domino is popping out of the floor, getting her many hilarious comparisons to the type of bugs in video games that transport and trap your character in floors and walls. Fortunately, Domino is simply lying down very comfortably, but it's just more proof a cat can take you aback with the simplest things.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.