We know most Pokemon, while powerful, to be cute and cuddly, although Japan did recently rank the more uglier characters. So in order to make them look more intimidating, you need to put in a little extra effort. That's what Japanese Twitter user and artist https://twitter.com/bankokukun did by turning these Pokemon coloring book sketches into terrifying muscular beasts.

@bankokukun didn't just stop at giving the flagship Pokemon a sinister and horrifying face, but made sure to beef up Pikachu with a Herculean physique. This version of Pikachu would have good reason to reject a chance to evolve, and would straight up beat down any opposing Pokemon. If he needed a tag team partner, he need look no further than @bankokukun's equally menacing version Pacham.

This version of Pikachu probably won't be marching through Yokohama in the annual Pikachu parade, but its at least not the first time we've seen the Pokemon be so scary.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.