If you've ever been to a batting cage, you know that getting a clean swing off of a 160 km/h (roughly 100mph) fastball is no easy feat. Yuetsu Suzuki (@yuetu_karate) is always looking for a challenge, however, and that's why the man called the "modern day samurai" chose to bring his katana to the cage instead of a bat.

A Grand Master of Yuwakai Karate, Suzuki is adept at many aspects of martial arts, but is particularly known as an expert when it comes to handling a blade. For those that didn't know, that's become very apparent in a video the sword master posted that has now exploded on Twitter and been wowing many. In it, watch as Suzuki demonstrates his impeccable skill with a sword to slice a 160 km/h fastball fired towards him!

In one elegant draw and slash, Suzuki perfectly cleaves the ball in half both times, sending its halves away like a defeated opponent. According to Suzuki, he doesn't even think about his technique or the movement of the sword, as he has to focus so intently on ball's movement. Affectionately being called the "grandpa samurai", the video currently (at the time of writing) stands at over 9 million views as impressed viewers simply can't stop watching it on loop!

Many left impressed comments such as "I can't even keep up with a bat" and "I've only seen this in anime and samurai movies."

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.