One of the biggest appeal of family restaurant chains in Japan is their affordable price, but lately it's been their staff that have been drawing in customers. That's because many chains have adopted the use of the BellaBot, a cat-shaped food delivery robot. The robots were originally intended as a means of emphasizing non-contact service in restaurants during the pandemic, but have caught on because of their cute appearance and cat-like dialogue--that and the fact they can't seem to stop getting in fights with each other.

While having your food served by cat-shaped robots equipped with a tablet to display feline special expressions and kitty-talk phrases that occasionally battle one another, it seems news breaks every week that has customers wanting to go check them out. While eating at family restaurant Gusto, tama (@tamacjp) shared a photo of a cat robot's name tag that has Twitter charmed:

Source: @tamacjp

Employee in training: Tonkatsu

It appears that Gusto has started assigning names to their robots, and even giving them statuses of employment! However, the name of "Tonkatsu" (fried and breaded Japanese pork cutlet) was a big hit with people online, with many finding it adorable but also wondering what food name a veteran worker might get assigned.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.