The owner of Raito (@raichanniki); a.k.a. Rai chan, shares the daily shenanigans of Rai on his Twitter account.

Rai chan is very well known for his expressiveness. This is very evident when you look at these 2 photos with a hashtag #表情の差がすごい (Incredible difference in facial expression), and you can really tell the changes in his face between 2 photos.

Here are the photos of when he “caught it”, and didn’t.

He couldn’t be disappointed any more than this!

You can tell how his eyes get lit when he successfully catches his toy, and then get so sad and clouded all at once when he doesn’t.

Rai’s adorably super expressive character became very popular and went viral online, and these photos received over 200,000 likes.

I’ve never seen a cat this expressive with his sadness!

The saddest sad face ever!

So adorable! He is so obvious in his expressions.

It’s that obvious yet subtle expression you can see in his face! So cute!

Rai’s sad face just makes you wanna give him a hug to cheer him up, doesn’t it? All of his expressions are just so undeniably cute!

By - Mugi.