In 2018, Studio Ghibli announced that their numerous animation works that have earned fans around the world would be adapted into a theme park.

Created in cooperation with Aichi Prefecture, Ghibli Park will finally open its doors on November 1st, 2022 in Nagakute City.

On October 27th, just a few days before the park's grand opening, Ghibli updated its Twitter account with a charming hand-drawn "guide" filled with information on the attractions of "Ghibli Park" as well as requests and useful tips on enjoying your time there.

The guide, which features new original illustrations, includes a map of the park and a list of things to bring.

It looks just like one of the leaflets distributed in Japanese elementary schools before field trips! In fact, this leaflet belongs to Toshio Suzuki and even has his name on it, listed as a student in "Class 3."

According to the Tweet, this guide is "meant to be used within the bounds of common sense," so you can print it out and take it with you when you go to "Ghibli Park".

We've provided our own unofficial English translation for the benefit of our English-speaking readers below:

Studio Ghibli official Twitter account (@JP_GHIBLI) | © Studio Ghibli

The Internet has already been buzzing with comments like, "I saved it immediately! I'll definitely use it."

Why don't you take this guide with you when you go visit the park?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.