Even for the most dedicated Dragon Ball fans, it's hard to imagine feeling as fabulous and powerful as Lord Frieza while lounging at home. Thanks to Premium Bandai, however, you can do just that. Bandai Namco's official online retailer is releasing a giant cushion you can rest in that recreates Frieza's hover pod from the iconic manga and anime series!

Despite the fact that Frieza can fly around well enough on his own, he seems to prefer the comfort of his hover pod (even when on board his own spaceship). And hey, who wouldn't? While the new cushion doesn't actually let you hover, you won't want to, as it's designed to be extremely comfortable and warming inside, made to be particularly fluffy to touch yet sturdy to stand without any support.

The cushion also contains a clear pocket that is touch-responsive, so you can slip in your smartphone and use it to listen to music or watch something while you lounge in Frieza's favorite futuristic method of transportation--like Dragon Ball Z, perhaps!

The cushion itself is designed on the exterior to be the spitting image of Frieza's hover board, but the inside is lined with a furry and squishy texture and lined with miniature beads for comfort. Clocking in at a diameter of 95 cm and a height of 70 cm, it's quite spacious and definitely can work as a comfy commander center.

Plugged into this spacious hover pod that looks like it jumped right off the pages and screen of the Dragon Ball universe, you'll feel like you yourself are the tyrannical Emperor of Universe 7 as you cuddle up and enjoy your lazy self!

The 29,700 yen Frieza Hover Pod Cushion is available to pre-order from Premium Bandai until November 21st, with delivery scheduled in February 2023. Those looking to chill like Frieza overseas will want to check out Premium Bandai's global guide.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.