For Studio Ghibli fans and cat lovers, it's hard to think of a better Halloween costume for your kitty than the Catbus from Hayao Miyazaki's classic My Neighbor Totoro. Normally that would involve searching out some pet cosplay goods or even crafting one yourself, but for Japanese Twitter user @tikuwamaru0728, it seems mother nature took care of all that by itself.

A Halloween trend in Japan that has popped up in recent years is "Jimi Halloween" (Mundane or Plain Halloween), an alternative to extravagant celebrations where people dress up in plain, niche, and everyday situational Halloween costumes, trying to have the most understated costume as possible--often to hilarious results.

Some have started to interpret Jimi Halloween as a way of showing off low-effort costumes as well, and that's certainly true of @tikuwamaru0728's adorable ginger cat, Sante. Sante "decided" to dress up as the beloved Catbus this year, and he didn't even have to try!

Source: @tikuwamaru0728

While coincidentally enjoying some sunbathing on Halloween, the windows of the room Sante was lounging in perfectly broke up the rays of sunlight into the pattern of the "windows" on the Catbus in My Neighbor Totoro! The cute coincidence provided the perfect costume--and definitely a low effort one--for Sante on Halloween.

It does not appear that Sante is as interested in running as the actual Catbus, however.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.