Japanese online retailer Felissimo's "Cat Club" (Neko-bu) division specializes in making feline related products, which can range from the strangely practical cat-paw socks that let you walk on hardwood floors a little more gracefully, to the quirky and mysteriously appealing lip gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose or scratch-and-sniff stickers that smell like cat tummies. They do, however, put out some items that both us humans and our feline friends can appreciate together--like this deliciously adorable fruit tart pet bed!

It's called the "Nyanko Fruits Tart" (Kitty Fruits Tart), and the concept shouldn't take too much explaining. It's a pet bed shaped like shortcrust pie tart, and the colorful pillows (or toys, depending on your cat's mood) are shaped like different types of fruit. When napping (if you have a cat that will actually sleep in the pet beds you buy for them), the color of your cat's fur can transform the apparent "flavor" of the tart into almost anything, with a little imagination.

Although your cat might just hover above it and defy your expectations.

The head rest may just be too tempting for them, however.

Each "fruit" pillow is hand-sewn, so each piece has a different feel to it that your cat can appreciate resting on, or ripping to shreds. (The fruits are sewn to the tart itself, so it will take some time before your kitty can displace them.)

Of course, doggos are also welcome to become a sleepy dessert, should they fit in it.

Currently up for pre-order on both Japanese and International Felissimo websites, the bed is priced at 6,580 yen, with a portion of revenue made being donated to Cat Club's efforts to help stray animals and those displaced by natural disasters.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.