As you can guess from their name, TikTok user 栃木のマサ婆ちゃん Tochigi no Masa Bāchan (@tochigimasae0816), which literally means "Grandma Masa from Tochigi Prefecture," posts videos of his grandmother.

Recently, they posted a video showing Grandma Masa trying a McDonald's Baked Apple Pie (known in Japan as ホットアップルパイ hotto appuru pai "Hot Apple Pie") for the first time.

Perhaps aided by a good microphone that faithfully captured the sounds of her biting into the crispy pie, she repeatedly praises the pie as being "delicious" and "so crispy." Moreover, she describes the filling by saying: "It looks like apple jam," and even "I thought there was a whole apple in it." Finally, she says her grandson bought her "such an unusual treat" and ends by saying "I enjoyed it, thank you!"

Captured from a TikTok video with permission from 栃木のマサ婆ちゃん Tochigi no Masa Bāchan (@tochigimasae0816)

She was so pleased by her experience and enjoys the pie with such gusto that viewers can't help but think it must be tasty. The video elicited comments such as:

  • "I work at McDonald's, and I'm so glad that you praised (our apple pies) that I feel like offering you a hundred of them!"
  • "I feel like asking her: 'Is just one good enough? Do you want me to get you more?'"
  • "It looks really delicious... Maybe I'll go out and buy a Hot Apple Pie..."

Grandma Masa liked that baked apple pie so much that we might be seeing more McDonald's items on her account in the future.

It wouldn't come as a surprise if McDonald's Japan had taken notice. Who knows, they may even be considering her for a new ad campaign right now...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.