While Japanese convenience store offer a wide variety of delicious sandwiches, lately many have found themselves enamored with the initially surprising, but delicious and beautifully arranged dessert fruit sandwiches that stick out of the sandwich aisle. Those who have found their sandwich sweet tooth tickled by the popular fruit sandwiches now have another option courtesy of Japanese convenience store Lawson's new rich pudding sandwich.

The sandwich places two whipped cream and caramel sauce-slathered thick servings of Japanese pudding, which is made from whole egg yolks and often compared to Flan or creme caramel, between two spongey slices of white bread. The result is very much like biting into a shortcake filled with pudding.

The new "Rich Pudding Sandwich" is currently on sale at Lawson, but will only be available as supplies last. Hopefully the popularity brings back convenience tore pudding-filled Chinese steamed buns as well!

By - Big Neko.