It's not often you have to show up to the post office with a "I'm sorry, the dog ate my homework" type of greeting, but that's exactly what Japanese Twitter user saeko (@sae_co) when she went to pick up an undelivered package.

saeko recently had a package that was delivered to her house, but was absent at the time of its arrival. In Japan, it's common for the delivery person to leave a notice of failed delivery, and then hold onto the package which they can redeliver when called or have it stored at a local post office to be picked up at your convenience. saeko opted for the second option, but soon realized that it was going to be a more embarrassing trip than she imagined.

Source: @sae_co

As you can see, the failed delivery notice looks like it has been put through a shredder. The real reason for its tattered appearance, however, is all due to saeko's feathered roommate...

...her pet rosy-faced lovebird!

Source: @sae_co

Even in its terrible state, saeko shared the down viral pictures that have been getting laughs on Twitter with an explanation that the post office sorted everything out with no issue, being very understanding of her roommates tendencies to peck at all things paper:

"Thank you to the nice man at the post office who handled all this with a huge smile...I'm so sorry..."

saeko says that the post office workers, although they couldn't help but smile in regards to her situation, reassured her that as long as the delivery number was legible, there was no problem in giving her her package, which she picked up successfully. Although she did her best to keep the paper out of the bird's sight, the playful lovebird was infatuated with it and sought it out constantly. Many sympathetic lovebird owners agreed, commenting that the more valuable the document, the more the birds seemed to target them.

Perhaps post offices are more used to this type of apology than we think!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.