Japanese illustrator and Twitter user カタツモリ Katatsumori (@katatumori) is a mother of two.

When her eldest daughter went on a school trip, the school instructed her to bring her lunch in a disposable container.

Katatsumori complied, but she also decided to go to the trouble of decorating the disposable containers in a cute way to make her daughter happy.

Here's what it looked like!

Reproduced with permission from カタツモリ Katatumori (@katatumori)

My eldest daughter's school trip called for a bento in a disposable container, so once again, I indulged myself!
This time, I made a fictitious bento bought in the world of Splatoon, my eldest daughter's favorite game LOL. I played around with the outside (of the container) as much as I could."

The bento lunch containers created by Katatsumori are perfectly aligned with the world of Splatoon

For those who are curious, this is what Katatsumori's original labels say:

  • Product name label (blue and orange): "Octolings vs. Inklings Bento," and beneath it, "From Crusty Sean's shop in the chaotic rural city of Inkopolis."
  • Product information label: [1st line] Warm up in your backpack for about 6 hours [2nd line] Octolings vs. Inklings Bento [3rd line] Main ingredients and nutritional information on back label [Price information] Base Price: 1109 Cash | Tax-included Price: 1110 Cash [Expiration Date] Nov. 9th, 2022 1 PM [Storage] Store away from direct sunlight and heat, and avoid standing upright in your backpack.
  • Discount tag: 50 Cash off listed price

Even the packaging on the rice balls is original. The product name is: "Mom's hand-made salmon rice ball" and the ingredients are: "rice from grandparents' home, salmon flakes from the jar you couldn't open last time, nori seaweed bought at Lopia [a real-world supermarket chain], mother's love (?) and salt."

Fans of the game commented, "I would be so happy if my mother had made me a lunch box like this! I wouldn't be able to throw it away when I was done with it."

The second sticker on the outer bag had a message for her daughter on it: "Have fun on your school trip! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!"

Katatsumori even put an original product label sticker on the back of the lunch box!

Reproduced with permission from カタツモリ Katatumori (@katatumori)

  • [Top line]: Energy per match: limitless calories and fun 100%
  • [Main Ingredients] Inkling-style hamburger steak, Octoling-style wieners, a token amount of spaghetti, shriveled potatoes, a penguin (?), tamagoyaki omelet (planned), karaage fried chicken, mom's feelings of enjoyment in making this, and maybe other things added too.
  • [Expiration date]: See top of package
  • [Storage]: Don't splat it around like ink
  • [Caution]: I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip
  • [Manufactured by]: XXX Corporation [hidden for privacy]
  • Crusty Sean's shop in the chaotic rural city of Inkopolis.

Even the recycle logo, which usually displays the katakana プラ pura, short for プラチック purasuchikku, meaning "plastic," is replaced with イカ ika, meaning "squid" and little squid heads for the arrow tips.

It would indeed be a shame to throw away a lunch box container so full of playful details and a mother's love, even if it is a disposable container.

Who knows what fun bento box her daughter will be receiving next?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.