In the world of Japanese idols, "handshake events" are quite common among more established groups. As the name suggests, fans get to shake hands with their oshi (favorite idol) and talk to them for a limited time, usually in exchange for buying their CDs or photo books.

For fans, it's a special chance to meet their favorite idols in person!

There are even some hardcore fans who buy several copies of the same CD in order to shake hands with their oshi many times.

Manga artist すがぬまたつや Suganuma Tsuya (@sugaaanuma) conveyed an episode about just such a handshake event in his latest manga No. 2706.

In his manga, he depicted a fan who is so zealous and devoted to his idol that the handshake event has a life-changing impact on him.

Reproduced with permission from すがぬまたつや Suganuma Tsuya (@sugaaanuma)

Fans saying "I'll never wash my hands again" after a handshake is nothing new, but this takes the notion to the extreme...

In this case, what was perhaps only intended as a playful joke by the idol was enough to radically change the fan's life. Unable to take a bath for the rest of his days, he went from absolute idolatry to ascetic isolation...

The funny manga elicited many comments, such as:

  • "You really get the sense that he has no regrets."
  • "She's merciless, isn't she? lol"
  • "He's a man of his word..."

Of course, "not washing" is probably not the best course of action, not only for fans but also for their idols (and staff) who would have to deal with consequences at the next handshake event...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.