There's not a lot of things quite as comforting as getting home after a long day at work and getting a warm greeting from your pet. Knowing they've been waiting all day and seeing their beaming faces as they wag their tail, cry, and whine against your leg can wash away all stress in an instant.

Mochiko (@5EfOKY2lpzcQIRP) appears to sometimes have a reason to fear a little more stress when coming home to her cat, however. The Japanese Twitter's cat is a total beauty any kitty lover would be happy to see waiting at the door, but Mochiko shared a particular way the cat greets her at the door that would make most slasher movie icons blush...

"Welcome home..."

The moment she opened her door, Mochiko was waiting right in the doorway with a haunting look that seems to say "just where have you been?" or "I've been waiting for you..."

Mochiko is definitely happy to know her cat is always waiting for her to come home, but maybe she'll start leaving more lights on to make for a less frightening reunion.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.