Japanese retailer Felissimo routinely puts out quirky and cute animal-themed products, but their Cat Club (Neko-bu) department is dedicated to feline goods. With everything from pet beds that turn your cat into a traditional Japanese dessert to kitty pouches with...furry balls.

Their latest endeavor isn't quite as jarring as that last one, but will be sure to keep cat lovers company while they handle their private business--adorable hanging cat toilet paper racks.

This is actually Felissimo's second batch of kitty toilet paper holders, coming in three new "breeds" and a design that gives the rather long hanging cat a plump belly by inserting a second standby toilet paper roll.

You can always leave the second roll out for a thinner hanging cat aesthetic, and the racks are easy to attach with a fastener that can be attached to your existing toilet paper roll hanger. The look on the cat's face oddly recreates the experience of having your feline friend wander into the restroom when you need some privacy.

The hanging cat toilet paper holders can be ordered from both Felissimo's Japanese and international online stores.

By - Big Neko.