A beloved classic

The Japanese family restaurant "Royal Host" has several classic menu items.

One of them is their pancakes, a favorite ever since 1978 when they first appeared on their breakfast menu. The pancakes are made to order in the restaurant's kitchen.

Japan has become famous for its flights of pancake fancy, with thick fluffy dough and all kinds of toppings such as fruit and whipped cream, and even hybrids with other desserts like custard and creme brulee. They look great on social media and can be rather pricey.

The pancakes at Royal Host, however, are uncomplicated, made with simple ingredients the old-fashioned way, and they have a loyal following. Perhaps even more so today, with so many fancy competitors, Royal Host pancakes are a comforting standard you can always count on. With just one (500-yen) coin*, you can enjoy a stack of three pancakes for 495 JPY (the equivalent of 3.60 USD at today's rate) with a pat of whipped butter and syrup.

*550 JPY at some locations.

Recently in the news

The pancakes at Royal Host recently appeared on a cooking show in which a panel of chefs evaluated them, and the results were the subject of much debate on social media. More than the chefs' opinions, however, what stood out was the outpouring of support from loyal fans who had nothing but praise for this beloved menu item.

Trying Royal Host Pancakes

Of course, we had to go and try some for ourselves!

Photo by grape Japan

As soon as they appeared, we knew we were in for a treat. The melting whipped butter and the syrup, combined with the freshly-made pancakes created a wonderful aroma.

Photo by grape Japan

Looking at them from the side, we could tell they weren't thick, but that was just what we expected. They looked like the kind of pancakes many people have made themselves at home.

Photo by grape Japan

Time to dig in. Our knife sunk into the stack of pancakes, bringing with it a drizzle of melted butter. The dough was moist and delicious, with just enough sweetness. Adding some of the syrup and butter added more sweetness and a touch of saltiness to round out the flavors. It was a familiar, comforting taste and we enjoyed every last morsel.

Royal Host recommends the following way of eating them: Spread the whipped butter evenly on each pancake, stack them up, cut them into eighths, pour syrup over the top, and enjoy.

If you're tired of pursuing the latest fancy pancake creations in Japan and just want to go back to basics, the pancakes at Royal Host are just what you need.

As of November 28th, 2022, Royal Host has 221 branches throughout Japan. Many locations also provide carry-out and home delivery services. To find your nearest branch, visit their home page here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.