Japanese manga artist ヒロコ Hiroko, who manages the Twitter account しばひろ Shibahiro (@hirokokokoron), depicts her daily life living with her French partner, Gaic.

In April 2022, Gaic and Shibahiro welcomed a beautiful baby boy! Together, they're working hard to raise their infant son.

One day, when Gaic saw his boy begin to cry, he took him in his arms and began to comfort him...

Our English translation follows below.

Reproduced with permission from しばひろ Shibahiro (@hirokokokoron)

TOP: (Baby) Waaahhh! (Gaic): "Oh la la, what's wrong?" | MIDDLE: "Are you hungry?" "Do you want to poop? Do you want to fart?" | BOTTOM [Right]: "Do you want a PS5?" | BOTTOM [Left]: "He says he wants it."

"We aren't buying it."

Babies aren't yet able to speak properly, so parents try to communicate with them by interpreting their cries and facial expressions.

When Gaic's baby boy began to cry, Gaic seems to have interpreted a request... "He wants a 'PlayStation 5' video game console!"

Not only Hiroko but everyone who read the manga must have thought: "That's your request, Gaic! That's what you want!"...

Gaic must really want that PS5!

His mischievous request made many people laugh, eliciting comments such as:

  • "I cracked up seeing Gaic's pleading expression at the end. I hope he gets his 'toy'"!
  • "If the baby wants it, what can you say to that? lol"
  • "I laughed so hard. I wanted to say 'Don't translate baby talk to suit your interests!'"
  • At the same time, some who commented, perhaps new parents or people who expect to have children, seemed to have had an epiphany, saying: "Oh wow, why didn't I think of that technique!"

    For those who can read Japanese, you can enjoy learning more about Hiroko and Gaic's daily lives and the experience of being an international couple in her manga, うちのガイックさん uchi no gaikku-san ("My Gaic-San"), now on sale, the latest issues of which she posts on her Twitter account and provides more details of on her blog.

    By - grape Japan editorial staff.