As most dog owners know from experience, it's hard to keep any secrets from them when it comes to food, thanks mostly to their keen sense of smell.

Twitter user ぴよりんオブジョイトイ Piyorin of Joytoy (@harepiyopiyo), owner of a Pomeranian named Pochi, recently had an opportunity to experience this firsthand.

It happened when his owner was trying to secretly eat a baked sweet potato in the kitchen.

Pochi sensed the smell of the baked sweet potato and came running to the kitchen.

The owner posted a photo of Pochi eagerly enjoying a little piece of sweet potato, along with the caption: "Dogs have an amazing sense of smell." However, it wasn't Pochi's olfactory prowess that made the Tweet go viral.

Reproduced with permission from ぴよりんオブジョイトイ Piyorin of Joytoy (@harepiyopiyo)

Has Pom been working out? He looks totally pumped up!

In reality, it's only his fur that makes him look that way, but it's not hard to see why many people thought Pochi looked like a canine bodybuilder as he stood on his hind legs while eating his snack.

At one point, Pochi was so engrossed in eating that sweet potato that he even raised a leg.

Reproduced with permission from ぴよりんオブジョイトイ Piyorin of Joytoy (@harepiyopiyo)

In this photo, you could say he looks more like a soldier returning from the battlefield than a bodybuilder.

Pochi's owner may not think anything of it because they spend time with him on a daily basis, but Pochi looks so buff that it's hard to believe he's really a Pomeranian, a toy dog bred by humans to be small and easy to keep at home as distinct from sporting dogs bred for strength, endurance, etc.

Poms also have a double coat of fur, which, as Pochi has demonstrated, can sometimes look like muscles!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.