Often called "the cutest bird in Japan" and "snow fairy", the shima enaga (long-tailed tit) is a fluffy white bird native to the country's northern-most island of Hokkaido. There you can see them perched on snow-covered branches, as well as why they live up to their nicknames.

In honor of Japan's favorite feathered friend, Krispy Kreme is releasing a new long-tailed tit doughnut exclusive to three locations in Hokkaido. The new creamy matcha treat looks just as cute as the fluffy critter itself!

The new Krispy Kreme Premium Hokkaido Shima enaga Green Tea & Azuki features a long-tailed tit popping out of a doughnut that has Uji matcha green tea kneaded into its batter. The face is made of Hokkaido milk cream, known to be particularly rich, with the facial details of the snow fairy painted in with chocolate. The doughnut is also topped with a luxurious red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki red beans, and then sprinkled with powdered sugar to capture the snowy atmosphere of the bird's usual habitat.

Krispy Kreme in Hokkaido will also simultaneously be releasing the Krispy Kreme Premium Hokkaido White Cheese Cake. The doughnut combines richness of cheese with the milky sweetness of white chocolate, and then tops it off with Hokkaido parmesan cheese.

The duo of doughnuts will be released on January 11th at the Sapporo Pole Town, Sapporo Le Trois, and Chitose Outlet Mall RERA Krispy Kreme stores in Hokkaido.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.