The Rusutsu resort in Hokkaido has been very well-known for winter activities and during the wintertime, many people go there for skiing/snowboarding.

However, did you know that there is so much more to Rusutsu other than that? The area is surrounded by nature and mountains and Hokkaido is the most ideal place to spend summers at.

Surrounded by fresh air, a sublime view, good food, and plenty of activities to choose from, Rusutsu is the best place to visit during this season. Here are some things you can do during summer at the Rusutsu resort:


Rafting is a popular activity in Hokkaido. You can try rafting or extreme rafting if you are feeling more adventurous.

For rafting usually, 8 people get on the inflatable boat, whilst on the extreme rafting is just 4 as the boat is smaller.

On the currents of Shiribetsu River, you’ll get down 7km along and your sense of balance and teamwork will be tested.

It’s such a fun and enjoyable activity to do during the summer. Also, don’t worry if you can’t swim as you will properly wear life jackets.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Again, an activity that tests your balance. However, this might be more difficult than rafting is as you need to stand up on board while paddling on the surface of Lake Toya.

Nature activities, tours, and hiking

At Rusutsu, you try out trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, park golf, tennis, fishing, and orienteering.

There are so many activities you can choose from while being out and enjoying the nature surrounding you and the tranquil area of Hokkaido.

Besides the above, you can also go for canoeing, kayak and nature trails. How awesome is that?

See Hokkaido from above

You can sightsee the area from above by either helicopter or flying in a hot-air balloon. It is a one-of-a-kind experience, so if you plan a trip to Rusutsu, you shouldn’t miss trying it out.

Go to the Rusutsu Farm and harvest your vegetables

Sheep, good food, and plenty of vegetables!

I believe that harvesting the vegetables and playing with the animals at the Rusutsu Farm is going to be a great experience for you and your family.

Crazy Rides at Hokkaido’s largest amusement park

Rusutsu also disposes of the largest amusement park in Hokkaido and it has a lot of thrilling rides, roller coasters, events, even circuses!

You can also enjoy a beautiful view of the Yotei Panorama Terrace or have a relaxing day at the Outdoor Super Jumbo pool.

With more than 60 types of attractions, one day is nowhere near enough. There is even a roller coaster where you get blindfolded or one where you need to hold a glass of water and try not to spill it during the crazy ride (it was impossible for me, but maybe you can succeed doing it!).

There are also plenty of attractions for children and it’s probably the most enjoyable place I’ve visited in Japan.

If you go to Rusutsu, don’t forget to also explore the beautiful surroundings of Hokkaido as it’s such a great place to visit and discover.

Rusutsu Official Website


By - cinnamonellie.