From an outsider’s perspective, when you turn on a TV in Japan, you just wonder why on earth these people make it in showbiz – on surface they might look as they don’t have any skills.

This comedian – Koume Daiyu – is similar. All he does is wear a rough Kimono costume, paint his face white, and says something equivalent to ‘shit’ in Japanese. That’s all. But that’s how it seems to work over here, people like what they like.


Source: YouTube

Another phenomenon in Japan is that many entertainers (especially comedians) become one-hit-wonders. So did Koume Daiyu – he used to appear on a lot of shows, but now his appearances are a lot less.

So now he’s trying something different – Michael Jackson.


Source: YouTube

He still paints his face white, but with sunglasses and all. And his moonwalking skills were ranked second in the “First Moonwalking Tournament” (strangely held in a town in Japan).


Source: YouTube

The guy in the back is human beat boxer Daichi – he’s well known overseas as well.

The short movie below is a little promo for a wasabi-flavored potato chips. You’ll get to see Koume Daiyu in action from around 1’50”.

It seems that this is the sort of thing you have to do in order to survive in the Japanese showbiz.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.