Comedian Kosaka Daimaou's standup persona Pikotaro is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Chiba prefecture, and he has some pretty lofty goals of performing at ultra-popular end-of-the-year Japanese song festival Kōhaku Uta Gassen, as well as Summer Sonic. In the meantime, he's showing us proof that he has the chops to do it by launching a viral attack on the internet with a comedic jingle that is bound to take up permanent residence in your head. It's called the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and it is simply amazing.


Source: YouTube

The song is about having a pen, an apple, and a pineapple. That's all it is. But when you look like a mashup of famous Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka and MC Hammer, you really don't need to rely too much on lyrical depth.

And that simplicity is translating to a lot of people doing their own versions, with these being the biggest ones.

As brief as the song is, it's already spread around the globe with its absurdly addictive charm.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.