Have you ever learned a musical instrument when you were young?

Actually, a lot of Asians take music lessons in their childhood. And if one is unlucky, one may face a pretty nasty teacher that does things that are - in modern standards - unethical and probably criminal.

Here are some signs that your music teacher shouldn't be teaching:

  • Constant yelling
  • Mild violence
  • Demoralizing students by playing too much like a pro in front of them

And so this musical comedy duo - IGUDESMAN & JOO - made a skit about such nightmarish piano lesson; it ticks all the bad boxes... thank goodness it's a comedy:

Although the duo is currently known for their comedy skits, they are fully fledged musicians of course. Here's Hyung-ki Joo, who played that evil piano teacher, playing a Waltz by Chopin:

I wonder the pianist in the video, Hyung-ki Joo, ever had a lesson like this...

IGUDESUMAN & JOO is very active in touring across the globe - check out their website:


By - grape Japan editorial staff.