You’ve probably heard of the Hen na Hotel (Strange Hotel), the first hotel to be staffed entirely by robots including velociraptors on the front desk for some reason.

The Nagasaki hotel made waves for it’s general weirdness as well as ingenuity and was covered by numerous media outlets around the world.

After this success, the hotel branched out to two more hotels in the Tokyo area and now a Hen na Café has opened in Shibuya.

Source: PR Times

The café appears to have some staff to make sure everything runs smoothly, but the coffee is made completely by robots, ensuring good quality every time.

As the video shows, the robot arm called ‘Sawyer’ works diligently to brew those coffees and has a screen with some eyes and eyebrows to give him personality. After buying a ticket from a machine, you simply scan the QR code and he will automatically make your order up for you.

Source: PR Times

The menu is reasonably priced with the cheapest item being an affordable 290 yen americano, and the most expensive is a matcha latte for 410 yen. Looks like having robot staff means you can pass those savings on to the customer! Although the absence of raptors is undeniably disappointing...


By - grape Japan editorial staff.