Meet Munchkin the Teddy Bear. Described by the Huffington Post as “half teddy bear, half Shih Tzu, and full-on adorable,” she’s the world’s cutest teddy bear dog that will melt all your worries away.

You just can’t get enough of this adorable (and sometimes funny-looking) ball of furriness.

Real talk, I’ve probably watched each of these videos, like, ten times today. #noshame

So without further ado, here are some of the most adorable moments of Munchkin the Teddy Bear:

1. Star quarterback


Source: Facebook

2. Riding a dog


Source: Facebook

3. Of course, the video that brought her to fame

4. A trip to New York

5. Afternoon nap


Source: Facebook

6. Promoting regular exercise

7. Super ready for the holidays!

8. Waiting in line to buy some paint


Source: Facebook

9. A day at the beach

10. On the red carpet

We know, we never want this to end either. But Munchkin the Teddy Bear is a total celebrity with her very own Facebook page and YouTube channel, so you can see her whenever you need an extra boost to your day!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.