Stop me if you've heard this one. You go this strange website and there are a bunch of cute Japanese girls for you to...flick in the forehead! What, had something else in mind?

Yep. The website is essentially the internet response to a common Japanese scolding action called "dekopin", which is the act of flicking someone's forehead with your finger. Dekopin Bijo (which means to flick a beautiful girl in the forehead, literally), allows you to complete your lifelong dream of flicking your fingers against a Japanese girl's head and watching them cutely react--all from the comfort of your PC or smartphone.

The site is pretty self-explanatory--I mean--there's only so much you can do with it, but just in case you are a little apprehensive, here's a simple breakdown.

First things first--pick which girl you want to flick!


Source: Dekopin

Then line her up in your sights and watch her steel herself...


Source: Dekopin

Then fire away!


Source: Dekopin

Once you flick her, she'll bob back and forth sheepishly and say things like "Ouch!" or "Enough!", before smiling and seeming to not really be that upset about it.

The actual purpose of this isn't exactly spelled out--but we assume it falls in the not-so-commonly-addressed niche of time wasters while playing with Japanese girls, which is actually pretty well covered in Japan at this point. You may be a bit hesitant to technically whack a girl in the head but...

They don't seem to mind!


Source: Dekopin

Well...not too much.


Source: Dekopin

By - grape Japan editorial staff.