Beyond all Super Sayin’s we’ve seen so far, the Legendary Saiyan has finally arrived, the S.H. Broly. This thing is no doubt a beast. The muscular body itself is twice the size of a regular Super Sayin, crushing his opponents must be like slapping mosquitoes for this guy... don't come near me!

This character's too good to be left in the world of anime and figurines. So a famous Taiwanese figure motion producer used his storytelling and stop-motion skills to bring S.H. Broly character to life.

At first, the producer gives out a few details on the physical figure shape of S.H. Broly, so the audience can have a deeper idea on what a “badass” he is.

Once that's done comes - wait for it - the fighting action. It starts with S.H. Broly standing still while taking boring hits from a half-size green robot.

This robot's no match for the great S.H. Broly - both in terms of size and fighting strength. This video should entertain those who have no idea about Dragon Ball. As for DB (Dragon Ball) fans out there, I bet this breathtaking video is a can't-miss!

Although creator’s fans have been wanting to see more of his amazing animation video, his work only appears once in awhile. The entire process of making a stop-motion video like this takes a lot of time to finish. He mentioned in one video that an average 2 min video would take him around 8 days and 2500 images to complete.

As for the character S.H. Broly in the video, body parts of the miniature figure, like face and hands, are changeable, making the production process more complicated. You can see that clearly from the first part of the video.

Waiting for his new figure animation to come out can be a pain, but good things take time, so let's be patient people! Remember he has a day job too.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.