It’s safe to say that the Japanese have built a reputation around their precision, and the Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo stayed true to that image at their 53rd annual exhibition showcase this year. Featuring live performances such as gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline jumping, the highlight of the showcase was once again the synchronized group marching exercises.

Called Shūdankōdō (literally translated as “group action”), this particular performance consisted of a large group of students who marched in perfect sync to a choreographed 10-minute routine.

It might look like they’re just walking rhythmically to a given beat, but this routine is extremely difficult to pull off. It takes months of practice just to get used to marching quickly with so many people in such close proximity. They also have to make sure their strides are exactly the same length when walking straight, but when making turns they must adjust their steps so that they look clean and sharp from the side.

But these are no amateurs — they’ve put in blood sweat and tears in training for this special day, and they will not disappoint!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.