In Japan, they are never content with status-quo so far as cuisine goes. Their latest target is pancake.

They've introduced a new type of pancake that is crunch on the outside, while really moist and fluffy inside. Their secret - they put rice cakes in the dough!

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Without further ado, here's the basic recipe:

[Ingredients] (Serves One)
- Instant rice cake 1
- Hot cake mixture 75g
- Egg 1
- Milk 50cc
- Yogurt 50cc
- Vinegar Teaspoon

1. Place the rice cake and milk in a microwave-proof tray and heat in the microwave for 4-5 minutes (600w).
2. Stir and mix the heated rice cake and milk to make it into a paste.
3. Put the egg and hot cake mix into a bowl and mix well.
4. Put yogurt into the bowl and mix quickly. Then put in some vinegar.
5. Put the 'rice cake paste' into the bowl, and mix it until it becomes sort of a marble.
6. Bake the dough on the frying pan until the surface is golden.
*Make sure you bake at low heat so that it won't overcook.

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For the topping, you can have whipped cream or even red bean paste. You could also put some strawberry jam when making the rice cake paste for different texture and flavor.

Do try it yourself - we hope you enjoy it!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.