Tea infusers come in all shapes and sizes, a lot of them creative and adorable. But if dealing with loose-leaf tea isn’t really your thing, these goldfish tea bags from Charm Villa will allow you both the luxury of simply tossing a tea bag into your cup and the delight of it being cute and whimsical.

Composed of Japanese fabric, these tea bags come in four varieties of Taiwanese tea leaves — rose oolong, ruby black, jin xuan oolong, and oriental beauty. When submerged, the tea bag swells into a beautiful goldfish swimming in your cup.


Source: Charm Villa/Facebook


Source: Charm Villa/Facebook

These goldfish tea bags were created by students from St. John University in Taipei, and are extremely limited in supply. And beautiful as they are, they’re not exactly cheap, either. A box of 12 costs 80 USD on Amazon (but in Taiwan they cost less, at 35 USD!).


Source: Charm Villa/Facebook


Source: Charm Villa/Facebook


Source: Charm Villa/Facebook

The goldfish in Asian culture represents wealth and good fortune,” a representative said about the design.

Cute and lucky? We’re in.

Charm Villa plans to hold upcoming goldfish tea exhibitions in Kyoto, Milan, Paris, and New York, so stay tuned for more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.