Besides technology, food ingredients are going through revolutionary changes as well in Japan. For example, Japanese company Bourbon is selling slices of chocolate that look like Kraft Singles. That’s right, the kind of sliced cheese you've seen or purchased before from the supermarket. The concept is very simple, and saying it is revolutionary might be an overstatement, but then why hasn't anyone come up with this brilliant idea before?

A quick and simple way to fill your mouth with the delicious taste of chocolate.

If Nutella used the same formula, all our wishes would come true.

You can make some chocolate pancakes

Or some chocolate crepes

Add chocolate layers in your crackers

Make a chocolate banana roll with some Christmas spirit!

Fruits? Yes, please!

Or even create beautiful chocolate roses and feel like a world-famous pastry chef

Each pack includes five, two millimeter-thick slices. Japan calls it “nama chocolate (raw chocolate),” which means it is rich, creamy, but not as sweet as fudge. The simple shape allows foodies to broaden their culinary imagination.

Visit Bourbon’s online shop here and you can get a dozen five-slice packs for 3,240 yen ($2.25 per pack). You can also get them at select supermarkets in Japan. Be sure to tell your friends who are still spreading peanut butter and jelly the old fashioned way.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.