Source: YouTube

Cat Puts Beatdown Of The Year On Stuffed Tiger

This house just ain't big enough for two cats--even if one isn't real!

We're not quite sure which sound is more intimidating--the constant hissing of this cat or the speed-bag pounding of his lightning quick paw strikes!

When this territorial cat spots a fluffy intruder in the form of a stuffed tiger taking up shop on his turf, he immediately adopts the "best defense is a good offense" strategy, unleashing a furry of solid but adorable paw strikes right on the stuffed animal's nose. Unfortunately for the moody feline, the tiger isn't really in any position to backdown--and thus an eternal battle is born. Sorry little guy, but we think your hissing might be falling on deaf ears here!

Still--at least we know not to mess with this tough kitty--those are some monster jabs!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.