This is Hiroshi Tanahashi. He's the longstanding ace (and current IWGP Heavyweight Champion) of New Japan Professional Wrestling, and hero to all. Especially children, and especially women in Japan.

This is in large part due to his impressive physique, gorgeous hair, and outstanding matches. He also is a genuinely kind person and is credited with injecting a positive energy into professional wrestling in Japan after it experienced a slump. Despite his many accolades, he might be most celebrated for the connection he makes with fans--and it seems he now has a very special connection with one particular fan.

That fan would be Emori Shiomi, who recently participated on Japanese television program Anta no Yume wo Kanaetaro ka? (Can We Make Your Dreams Come True?), a variety program that takes the requests of "ordinary people" and allows them to live out their dream scenarios (such as having your celebrity crush attend your school for a day). Emori is such a fan she claims that if she does not go to see Tanahashi matches enough, her body begins to shake. Emori stands out not because she simply requested to meet Tanahashi--but because she wrote into the program for her request 84 times--a request for the popular wrestler to pin her down for a three count in the middle of a ring.

The 27-year-old Tanahashi super-fan was shocked and overjoyed when the TV camera crew showed up at her door and informed her that her dream would be coming true--just not exactly how she may have drawn it up. The television program turned her Tanashashi-fangirl room into a NJPW dojo dorm room--where she would train with young lions Shota Umino and Ren Narita. After some rigorous and compact training, she teamed with Yuji Nagata to take on Satoshi Kojima and the wrestler of her dreams. She was even given a wrestling character--The Dark Bear--and entered with masked men carrying her on a throne to HHH's "The Game".

Unfortunately that gimmick wore off really fast the moment Tanahashi removed his jacket, as she visibly fell in love with his muscles. Still she showed off her training in the ring before smiling as he choked her out, put her in a Texas Clover Leaf and then looked absolutely ecstatic as she reveled being pinned under the body of her idol.

By - Big Neko.