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Meow Marshmallows – Too Cute To Eat!

This is another alternate version of our white marshmallows that we usually take for camping. By adding a few graphics to those regular marshmallows, these cute chubby kitten faces have been born, but why? Of course, the package has a great outlook, but can you actually eat these fluffy faces?


As the product says, besides the good appearance, Nyarshmallows are filled with chocolate flavoring, and each bag has 12 different kinds of faces.

The maker seemed to realized their objective is to make their customer suffer from adorableness, while giving them a challenge to eat those adorable faces. If you take a look in more detail, some of the kitten's eye focus are looking to the side angle instead of looking straight at us.

The purpose of this design is to generate realization of their existence. On top of that, they created personal profile to each kitten.

At first sight, I may appear to look wild, but I love to cuddle.

My refreshing look brings me more fans.

My shining fur is white like a princess.

I hope you are able to enjoy eating those fluffy cute faces that could take you awhile to get used to.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.