Ramune is a classic Japanese flavor with a long history. Most famous as a slightly lime-flavored carbonated drink served in an iconic Codd-neck bottle with a marble in its neck, it's often enjoyed in summer as a nostalgic and refreshing drink. The flavor is also made into candies which are sold in dagashi (penny candy) stores, but also in local convenience stores and grocery stores.

If you love the flavor of ramune but are interested in trying it in a different format, then you may be interested in these new ramune candies now available at the Village Vanguard Online Store:

NYASA Ramune Candies

Here is the NYASA Ramune Treasure Box (NYASAラムネの宝箱). You'll find round ramune candies with NYASA astronauts printed on them in a box filled with konpeitō sugar candy representing stars.

Price: 702 JPY (incl. tax) for a 71 g (2.5 oz) box

NYASA marshmallows

If ramune isn't your thing, you can also enjoy the NYASA characters with NYASA hōzui (NYASAほうずい). Japanese traditional hōzui marshmallows are made with egg whites. This collection has round marshmallows with NYASA cats printed on them and filled with vanilla-flavored shiro-an bean paste, along with pink and yellow star-shaped marshmallows filled with strawberry and yuzu-flavored shiro-an, respectively.

Price: 1,296JPY (incl. tax) for 9 marshmallows

To purchase yours, visit the product page on the Village Vanguard Online Store here.

By - Ben K.