Conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司, or kaiten-zushi), has been a fun and simple twist for instant sushi in Japan long enough to be a staple for sushi-lovers, but it's also more recently made waves as a unique dining experience abroad. Not to be outdone, a ramen shop in Omiya, Saitama is renovating their restaurant by letting customers order and enjoy ramen on a conveyor belt system.

The place is called Sugoi! Niboshi Ramen Nagi (すごい!煮干ラーメン 凪), and the new conveyor belt system is set to be introduced after the shop reopens on December 23rd (with a pre-opening party on December 19th and 20th) after renovations. As such, pictures of the shop's interior are conceptual artwork, but if these pieces are any indication, Sugoi! Niboshi Ramen Nagi is aiming to complement its modern ordering and service system with a nostalgic old-timey ramen hut feel.


Source: N-nagi


Source: N-nagi

As is common with most ramen shops that get a lot of customers, a ticketing system is implemented where you choose your ramen. At Sugoi! Niboshi Ramen Nagi, however, instead of giving your ticket to a waiter, you instead scan its QR code at the ordering screen (with a system called "Sky-flying ramen shop" (Soratobu ramen yatai/空飛ぶラーメン屋台) located at your seat. Here you can make additions to your order, such as toppings, thickness of noodles, and amount of oil in the soup.

You can even play some touch-screen games for a chance to win free toppings and watch your ramen being made for you on screen before it launches out of the kitchen, as demonstrated by this test video below:

The speed of the moving tray is controlled and calculated, so you don't need to worry about spilled soup!

And yes, the ramen looks tasty.


Source: N-nagi

Those in Japan looking for a different ramen experience can check it out at the address below:

〒330-0846 Saitama-ken, Saitama-shi, Ōmiya-ku, Daimonchō, 1 Chome 大一ビル 埼玉県さいたま市大宮区大門町1-24-1 大一ビル

By - grape Japan editorial staff.